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An article on quality assessment as part of out-reach work by Henrik Thiesen can be found in the sixth issue of the ENHW Newsletter, Summer 2008:


"Documentation and quality assessment in health-related outreach work in Copenhagen, DK - A potential model?"


Read more and access all issues here


Download ENHW Newsletter, Issue n°6, Summer 2008 here




HealthTeam has been described in the first issue of ENWH newsletter.


ENWH is a new network for health-professionals in Europe, working with people affected by homelessness.



First issue of the newsletter can be accessed here.



Henrik Thiesen has contributed to the anthology:

On the Margins: Nordic Alcohol and Drug Treatment 1885-2007.


The book presents thirteen views on the history of treatment in the five Nordic countries.


The settings described vary from countryside sanatoriums for the voluntary treatment of middle-class alcoholics in late 19th century Sweden, to large, prison-like institutions in all the Nordic countries, used for compulsory treatment emphasising work and moral edification, to the contemporary public injecting rooms in the city of Oslo. The actors include entrepreneurs, doctors, jurists, temperance activists, bureaucrats and social reformists.


These snapshots are framed by an introductory chapter and a concluding article, drawing some general conclusions about the development of alcohol and drug treatment in the Nordic countries.


The anthology is edited by Johan Edman and Kerstin Stenius and it can be ordered online here.


The Nordic Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research (NAD) homepage can be accessed here.



An article in "The American Journal on Addictions", based on data from HealthTeam has been published in 2007. Abstract of The CAGE as a Measure of Hazardous Drinking in the Homeless, Authors, M.Hesse and H.Thiesen, can be accessed here.


The full article can be obtained by contacting HealthTeam.






"Harm reduction, focusing on severe alcohol misuse in Copenhagen" by Henrik Thiesen a commentary in Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs No. 3, 2007, page 280 - 288.


The periodical can be accessed here.











Extract of the evaluation report concerning The “Health Initiative” and “Street-talk-team”, Copenhagen City 2000 - 2003.


Re-written 2008. Focuses on the main conclusions of the Healthproject report


The report can be accessed here




Biological markers of problem drinking in homeless patients
by Henrik Thiesen & Morten Hesse
Addictive Behaviors, Volume 35, Issue 3, March 2010, 260-262


In the search for optimal biomarkers of excessive drinking, a central limitation has been the lack of sensitivity of measures. Many patients have apparently normal values of liver markers despite a considerable alcohol intake. This study aimed to test a novel combined indicator of alcohol drinking.

A preview can be accessed here

The full article can be obtained by contacting HealthTeam.