Presentation for partners II



Health-Team is a part of the outreach work in Copenhagen Community which is joint social and health initiatives directed at citizens that want and need help for complex problems but are not able to seek it out.


Field of work

The work of HealthTeam is similar to the work done in an ordinary general practice with some exceptions, thus the team is organized in the framework of primary health service. This means that HealthTeam has the same possibilities as any General practice concerning treatment and referral to the secondary health-system.


HealthTeam bridges the gap between lack of accessible healthservice and the individual. Health- Team does not work from a permanent clinic which means that work is done where the patients are. Transportation is by bicycle - the fastest in modern city traffic.



What we do


All contact, planning and treatment is carried out in close co-operation with the citizen.


HealthTeam attempts to attain contact with the citizen as fast as possible, but giving priority to the most urgent needs. The citizen will always be offered contact within 7 days, most often within 24 hours.


Target group
Homeless citizens with health-problems where contact with, what would normally be the appropriate health-system has failed.

It can be citizens who does not have contact with a general practitioner or a citizen who has discomfort in the normal frames of a hospital.


Referral to us
Citizens in need of service from HealthTeam can be referred by almost anybody, for instance police, hospitals, drop-in centres, out-reach workers etc. Referral is simple just contact the team by telephone.


HealthTeam can always be contacted concerning advice in health problems.